Strategies for Successful Global Business

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Globalization is bringing both world-class products and world-class competitors to your home markets. To succeed, even the smallest companies need to understand the new global requirements.

HSP can help. We support small, mid-sized and large corporations with a broad range of global consulting services in both developed and emerging markets. We know what works across the world, because our associates live in different corners of the world.

Working together, we turn global challenges into profitable business.

JULY 01 2010   MyScada representation - HSP, Inc. becomes the authorized North American representative and distributor for SPEL, a.s.. For more information please see
International Consulting
Our principals have held executive-level positions in corporate life and government. more>>
HSP represents several foreign companies in North America in the following fields. more>>
Mergers + Acquisitions
With strong bench strength in mergers and acquisitions, we can help you pursue acquisition- driven growth. more>>
Overseas Sourcing
We can help you source vendors, strategic partners, contract manufacturers and products in multiple regions. more>>